#APMillennials: The social (issues) generation

By Jake Kreinberg

An associate editor at Mashable says millennials want to see media organizations take a stand for the communal good and present stories in alternative formats.

For millennials, it’s not enough to report simply what happened, says Megan Hess, an associate editor at Mashable. They also want to see “strong opinion and a slant toward social good.”

Hess said she saw an outpouring of support from younger audiences concerning the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage as well as Caitlyn Jenner coming out as transgender. Context can be added to these stories in ways other than text, whether that’s interactives, graphs, or something else.

“I think millennials really like consuming their news in ways other than through 900-word articles,” Hess said.

Media organizations are still figuring out their best practices, but they’re in the process of developing tools to take advantage of emerging platforms and technologies.

“I think we’re really just scratching the surface,” she said.

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Jake Kreinberg

Jake is the text and multimedia product manager at The Associated Press and the former editor of Insights. He previously covered college sports as a reporter for AP and helped design its multi-year strategic plan. Have feedback about the blog? Contact us at insights@ap.org.

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