Finding the tools to improve journalism

By Jake Kreinberg

The director of digital news projects at The Washington Post answers why he thinks it’s important that media and technology companies work together.

Editor’s note: At a recent conference at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Greg Barber, the director of digital news projects at The Washington Post, noted how working with technology companies could yield better tools for journalists. To hear other perspectives from the conference, click here.

What is the importance of media and technology companies working together?

Greg: I mean there’s so much to be learned, right, about not just how we put together the news, but how users consume it and the different ways the users can consume it. Technology companies can really help journalists to figure out what tools are available now to help make our storytelling experiences better.

It’s one of the things that makes working in the media so interesting — that with each passing month and year, there are new ways to think about interacting with readers, telling stories (and) creating experiences. And I think that working with tech companies, being someone who works in the media, can help unlock some of those tools that can help us do our jobs in a more interesting way.

Jake Kreinberg

Jake is the text and multimedia product manager at The Associated Press and the former editor of Insights. He previously covered college sports as a reporter for AP and helped design its multi-year strategic plan. Have feedback about the blog? Contact us at

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