Preserve reader trust through … native advertising?

By Paul Caluori

Not all advertising acts the same way. We spoke with executives at Nativo about best practices for using branded content and how digital publishers can maximize its long-term potential.

Editor’s note: We’re working with Nativo to deliver content marketing and native advertising to our member publishers. To see our Q&A discussing native advertising for advertisers, click here.

Paul: How can publishers benefit from adding native advertising to their digital properties?

Chris Rooke

Chris Rooke, senior vice president of strategy and operations, Nativo: Brands recognize that interruptive advertising practices are no longer working for them and are investing heavily in content creation and distribution.

With true native advertising (definition), publishers gain a new way to monetize their digital properties, enable innovative advertising programs from quality brands and preserve consumer trust and loyalty.

How important for publishers is the quality of native advertising content?

Chris: Maintaining quality standards for branded content ensures that it will add meaningful value to the user experience and meet consumer expectations. This preserves user trust in the publisher, which leads to a high level of engagement with, and positive perception for, the advertiser or brand.

This positive sentiment, in turn, fuels the performance for native advertising campaigns, increasing price premiums and allowing publishers valuable packaging flexibility across their digital ad portfolio.

Standards should account for the quality of the branded content itself, its contextual relevance to the surrounding editorial content and the consumer experience before and after the user clicks on the native ad unit.

Why should native advertising match the look and feel of other content on the site?

Jason Kalin, senior vice president of business development, Nativo: The accelerated rise in ad blocking in recent years clearly shows consumers are becoming fed up with interruptive ads.

Matching the look and feel of other content on a site means users can actually enjoy an uninterrupted experience.

Also, matching the behavior of other content (e.g., by keeping users within the publisher’s site after they’ve clicked on a native ad) benefits the publisher and advertiser.

A publisher can increase the value of each user by keeping the user within the publisher’s own domain and circulating additional high-quality editorial programming. For the advertiser, performance improves as the native experience leads to 400 percent higher engagement and 15 times greater time spent on content.

How difficult is it for publishers to incorporate native advertising and measure its impact?

Jason Kalin

Jason: Publishers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their approach to branded content offerings for their advertiser partners. They now have the tools to easily monitor and measure native campaigns.

For publishers that manage multiple sites, these efficiencies become even greater. Instead of having to repeat processes across various properties, publishers can easily optimize and scale campaigns with built-in software from providers like Nativo.

How can native advertising from AP, delivered through Nativo, increase a publisher’s bottom line?

Chris: Native advertising from AP and Nativo offers the highest fill quality, which translates to an eCPM yield rivaling that of any third-party provider.

We’re able to do so because we complement publishers’ existing native ad efforts through our premium content and CPM rate integrity, which should be nonnegotiable requirements for AP members looking for native advertising solutions.

How does the combination of Nativo’s platform and AP’s content differ from other options in the market?

Jason: I’ve worked with publishers for nearly my entire career. This is the first time that this kind of native advertising has been realized at this scale.

The combination of Nativo’s technological capabilities for the most seamless consumer experience and AP’s high-quality branded content and nationwide network of premier publisher websites creates an unbeatable solution in the market.

Are there trends in native advertising for which AP and Nativo are particularly well positioned?

Jason: In light of the FTC’s recent guidelines and consumers’ increased adoption of ad blocking, the players in the space are learning that if we continue to ignore the end user and his or her experience, we’ll lose sight of the promise of native advertising.

What’s great about AP is that it has understood from the beginning that the foundation of quality branded content rests on providing editorial value and transparency to the consumer. Nativo also understands that the user experience is central to consuming content, and this belief is embedded in everything we do.

Ultimately, the advertiser achieves higher engagement while the consumer benefits from clearly labeled, higher-quality content and a more seamless user experience.

Paul Caluori

Paul is the director of digital services at The Associated Press.

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