What does “innovation” mean to you?

By Jake Kreinberg

According to media researcher and consultant Fergus Pitt, reacting to change is a constant in today’s society. We talked with him about how news organizations can get a step ahead.

Editor’s note: At a recent conference at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism, we spoke with Fergus Pitt, a media researcher and consultant, about how media companies can build a culture of innovation. To hear other perspectives from the conference, click here.

How do media companies build a culture of innovation?

Fergus: It’s interesting. I feel like the word “innovation” kind of had its moment maybe three or four years ago. And that was at the point where I think a lot of people were realizing that because there’s so much change, innovation is the only way to respond.

But development and change and adjustment to the environment that’s around us, it’s like the water that we swim in now. It’s a cliché to say that you need to be innovative.

Digging deeper, what do companies need to do?

Fergus: Thinking really clearly about what your problems are and are likely to be. Thinking deeply about how they may or may not have tensions with your values and your business models. And then using a deliberative, imaginative set of methods to respond to those — that’s something to be recommended.

Something called innovation will probably come alongside some of those responses.

Jake Kreinberg

Jake is the text and multimedia product manager at The Associated Press and the former editor of Insights. He previously covered college sports as a reporter for AP and helped design its multi-year strategic plan. Have feedback about the blog? Contact us at insights@ap.org.

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