1848 to 2018: AP’s role in the U.S. election process

By Brian Scanlon

The world of elections is constantly changing as technologies, rules and regulations evolve. While we tap into the experience of our political reporters and the relationships we’ve built with elections officials in all 50 states, we also adapt day in and day out to serve our customers.

The Associated Press has been verifying U.S. election returns and calling races for over a century.

We collect and verify returns in every county, parish, city and town across the country, covering races down to the legislative level in every state and declaring winners in over 5,000 election contests. Getting this information out to the world means working with media and commercial customers of all shapes and sizes.

Take a look at the milestones we’ve reached thanks to our experienced team of dedicated journalists delivering fast, accurate results to publishers around the country.

Brian Scanlon

Brian oversees the operations of AP's elections services team and evaluates market trends to develop new content strategies for presenting elections results. He has more than 25 years of experience in polling and elections.

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