Q&A: Connecting journalists with knowledgeable, responsive sources

By Opal Barclay

We spoke with the CEO and co-founder of ExpertFile, Peter Evans, about how his platform connects journalists with credible sources to help newsrooms create unique, trustworthy content.

What makes a good source?

Accurate, knowledgeable, responsive — these might be a few adjectives that come to mind. And today, finding these reputable experts is increasingly important to combat the spread of misinformation. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with ExpertFile, whose curated database of experts helps newsrooms create trustworthy content. 

We spoke with Peter Evans, the CEO and co-founder of ExpertFile, about how his platform connects journalists with sources and how it integrates with AP platforms.

Click the image below to read our Q&A and find out more about how tools like ExpertFile can help journalists inject credibility into the conversations people are having.

Opal Barclay

Opal supports AP's global sales staff on the AP Planner service, providing trainings and product demonstrations. She continuously works with product developers to enhance user efficiency on the AP Planner platform, helping clients incorporate and prepare for future events.

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