“The Promise” of journalism

By Claribel Torres

A new movie starring Christian Bale highlights the value of reporting and how the stories behind the news can both inform and entertain audiences.

This image released by Open Road Films shows Charlotte Le Bon, right, and Christian Bale in a scene from “The Promise.” (Jose Haro/Open Road Films via AP)

“The Promise” opened in theaters today, featuring an Associated Press reporter and a message of the impact that journalism has around the world.

Our reporters have diligently and courageously covered news events, both positive and not-so-positive, since 1846. Journalism remains a challenging and noble calling now more than ever, accurate, trustful information is hard to find in our current news landscape.

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Claribel Torres

Claribel is the director of digital media and entertainment at The Associated Press, managing business relationships with clients in the entertainment industry and developing co-production initiatives.

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