Webinar: Boost your communications strategy

By Opal Barclay

In this webinar, we detail how you can best capitalize on future events as part of your communications strategy. Often overlooked, these opportunities can tie your brand to the latest trends and other topics target audiences are researching.

We here at The Associated Press have a long history of planning coverage for major events and telling authentic stories around those events that speak to large audiences. Traditionally, our work has been in news, but over the past decade, we have worked with a range of customers to apply that knowledge to corporate and governmental communications strategies.

The insights contained in the webinar have come from both our newsroom, which is relied upon by thousands of media clients, as well as relationships we’ve developed with other companies.

In the webinar, you will:

- Learn how to incorporate awareness days into your brand strategy.
- See case studies of how other companies are utilizing future events.
- Discover tools that can help you track upcoming events.

Opal Barclay

Opal supports AP's global sales staff on the AP Planner service, providing trainings and product demonstrations. She continuously works with product developers to enhance user efficiency on the AP Planner platform, helping clients incorporate and prepare for future events.

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